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The Global Scale of English: an end-to-end solution for teaching, learning and assessing English

Mike Mayor






Since its publication in 2001, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) has become a standard framework of reference for teachers, learners and content creators around the world – moving beyond its European roots. This presentation looks at recent research carried out by Pearson with teachers from over 50 countries around the world to extend the CEFR in order to develop a more granular framework that informs both the teaching and testing of English. The presenter will explore how the GSE Learning Objectives have been used to develop an end-to-end solution for the teaching and assessment of English and give an overview of the resources and tools that have been made freely available to support teachers and institutions.

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Managing student confidence and expectations in mixed level IELTS classes

Clare Walsh

This workshop will explore how differentiated learning in IELTS classes can help to build learner confidence and manage student expectations. We'll examine how to address differentiated goals in a busy classroom, suggest ways to introduce informed self-reflection and discuss techniques for dealing with input levels higher than a student’s language level. We’ll draw on examples from Pearson’s Expert IELTS series.


Let's round up! Round up your students to round up their grammar with Round UP

Anna Pochepaeva

This webinar is aimed at teachers who are eager to spice up their grammar classes not only with interactive exercises and grammar games but also with grounded online practice. We will look at Pearson permanent grammar best-seller Round UP which has recently undergone fundamental changes and is now ready to meet the high demands of today's digital learning community. We will take a closer look how MyEnglishLab, an online learning platform, can significantly benefit grammar classes and make the work of the teacher easier, more enjoyable and most importantly less time-consuming. Understanding the necessity of all Russian teachers to prepare for state exams we will also discuss the opportunities which Round UP with MyEnglishLab opens up for those who teach exam classes./ Let’s round up!

Round up your students to round up their grammar with Round UP!


Bridging the Authenticity Gap

Philip Warwick

Or how to bring real meaning into the lesson.  In this session, teacher trainer Philip Warwick will explore the meaning of authenticity of content, and authenticity of task or purpose, in relation to the teenage learner. This webinar will demonstrate the importance of authentic purpose for successful language learning - particularly for teenage learners.


Positive Psychology in Action: Foreign Language Enjoyment

Dr Mariola Bogucka

Emotions play a crucial role in the classroom, especially, the emotions that arise when we start interacting in a foreign language. After years of studying negative emotions, mainly stress and anxiety, the rediscovered Positive Psychology movement, opens a new spectrum of classroom research. We have evidence now that positive affect facilitates interaction, supports motivation and perseverance for learning, shows a broadening effect on our  perception and curiosity, enables to make more complex and more interesting associations, as well as helps to deal  with difficult situations (Dewaele & MacIntyre 2016). This talk will first unravel the results of the research carried out among learners of English on the factors shaping the foreign language enjoyment, and then it will focus on practical tips on how to establish a good emotional atmosphere in the classroom and make the classes enjoyable for both learners and the teacher.



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