Digital Learning in Inostranka


Pearson Learning Studio and All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature invite you to attend a lecture 

by Andrzej Boguta Pearson Digital and ELT expert

"Digital Learning" 

1 Nikoloyamskaya, Pearson learning Studio

17 February 2018 15.00-16.30

Using technology for learning and teaching foreign languages is now as obvious as using books, but it is by no means easy to decide what to pick to save time and make learning easier and more motivating for the students. If managing homework is a challenge, come to see how technology can share the burden with you. Whatever moment of the teaching process you’re at now, there’s technology to help you make the most of your teaching time! Please join us to take a closer look at newest innovative software which provides constructive feedback to students and creates informed teaching situations for teachers.



Andrzej Boguta has been involved in teaching English as a foreign language for the last 21 years, firstly as a teacher, then after 7 years of teaching students of all age groups and levels moved to a publisher – Pearson Longman. Working closely with teachers, organizing seminars and trainings. Especially interested in implementing new technology in teaching English.