Pearson Spring School 2018 Moscow

Moscow | 2018-04-21


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Весенняя Школа Pearson 2018!


В этом году мы пригласили лучших специалистов мира ELT (но об этом чуть позже), которые отправятся в большой тур по разным уголкам России. 
21 апреля они посетят Москву!
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Место проведения:
Всероссийская государственная библиотека иностранной литературы имени М. И. Рудомино
(Москва, Николоямская ул., д. 1, большой зал)
Время: 11.00 – 15.00
⚫ 11.00 - 11.30 сбор гостей, регистрация 
⚫ 11.30 - 11.40 открытие 
⚫ 11.40 - 12.20 Measure Me: New Tricks in the Art and Science of Assessment 
Other than in pedagogical settings, how often are you asked multiple-choice questions? How often are you confronted with statements followed by the tag, “True or false?” Despite the infrequency of these and other question types in the real world, language classrooms, textbooks, and standardized tests revel in them, primarily because they are easy to mark, particularly for a computer. But such tests seldom give learners the formative feedback that would help them improve their language acquisition. 
The purpose of assessment is to let each learner understand the arc of personal progress and to let teachers understand the effectiveness and efficiency of their classroom teaching as well as to make summative decisions on promotion. 
In this workshop, we look at scientific measures of the assessments we currently give, as well as ways to step away from the bell curve and explore alternative assessment tasks that provide a richer washback effect. Examples will be drawn from English for Academic Purposes, but the principles and tricks (or tips) are applicable across learner ages and language learning levels.
(Philip Watson)
⚫ 12.20 - 13.20   Tackling Testing and Tracking Progress
Although we are all aware that modern language testing is tied in to what a student can do in the target language and that just by improving their performance is preparation enough, both pupils and teachers like to have a firm grasp of what is expected. Also in this age of personal learning platforms and smart portfolios, there are ways that we can use technology to help track their students’ progress and show any areas that need improvement.  This session will highlight some tools and strategies we can use to help students feel properly prepared, some techniques to help with areas they feel less confident about and some activities that will improve any weaknesses.
(Philip Warwick)
⚫ 13.20 - 13.35 перерыв
⚫ 13.35 - 14.05 Teaching to IELTS: What is in focus?
Focusing on your goals is the ultimate secret in studying seriously for IELTS, one of the highest-stake and most life-decisive exams. This demonstrates the structure, timing implication and the serious nature of study that our students need to undertake until it’s time to enter the exam room. How to prepare for IELTS most effectively and maintain your students’ focus while reviewing for the exam? How to become a better IELTS teacher? How to help your students if they did not get the score they needed? How to improve their weak points and provide them with extra activities? What books to use to prepare my students for IELTS?
In this workshop, we will deal with these and other IELTS-related issues which inevitably come up while you are teaching for the IELTS exam.
(Anna Pochepaeva)

⚫14.05 - 14.45 Integrating skills for efficacious communication.

Is cannibalizing books reproachable? Do you need to gulp down all the teaching material? Can course material be taken apart and reassembled? The talk features hints on how to integrate languages skills for efficacious communication (also teaching professionals, such as scientists). Some suggestions will also be given on how to select material to target specific needs and help learners build their confidence.  
(Konrad Dejko)
⚫14.45 - 15.00 закрытие конференции
Спикеры :
Philip Warwick
Phil Warwick  has been involved in ELT since 1988. During this time he has worked in many different roles and countries, mainly in a teacher training or academic management position. For the last ten years he has worked as a freelance teacher trainer for Pearson and has delivered training to teachers in many different countries including Argentina, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Panama, Poland, the UAE and Kazakhstan.  He has also taught on CELTA, Business English courses and EU funded teacher training sessions.  Since 2007 he has also been Academic Coordinator for Embassy Summer, developing and delivering intensive language courses for teenagers and young learners across a multitude of centres in the UK.
Philip Watson
Philip Watson has been teaching English in Moscow for over 20 years. For the last 8 years he has been working in public schools specializing in EGE testing and English Olympiad training.
Anna Pochepaeva
Anna Pochepaeva has been involved in ELT since 1998. A DELTA-certified teacher with PhD in Pedagogy, Anna is currently working as an Academic Director in Language.Prosveshcheniye, Pearson official partner in books and exams. Since 2010 Anna has been a master-trainer and oral examiner of PTE Pearson Test of English and has co-authored several best-selling books for Russian State Exams.
Konrad Dejko
Konrad Dejko, has been teaching English for 24 years, has prepared and supervised courses at all levels and I is an IELTS examiner. He has used his experience to report for Pearson on new edition of the Speakout helping do develop this bestselling course with BBC videos for adults. He has also been working as a translator, mainly for businesses and, in this capacity his legal training has proven extremely useful.  Recently, he has been interested in helping scientists publish their papers in English-language periodicals. Konrad loves sharing his experience giving lectures and training at conferences (recently IATEFL and PASE). 
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