My Little Island

My Little Island

My Little Island

My Little Island



Автор: Leone Dyson

Уровень: British English 3 levelsCYLET Starter


  • Student Book w/CD-ROM
  • Workbook w/Audio CD
  • Class Audio CD; Big Book
  • Teacher’s Edition with Picture Cards
  • Posters (for the course)
  • Sammy the Squirrel Puppet (for the course)
  • Active Teach

Там, где начинается путешествие!

Новый трехуровневый учебный курс представляет собой полную программу для дошкольного обучения, начиная с трёхлетнего возраста – интересные истории, забавные герои, увлекательные приключения, песни, игры, и конечно, продуманная система упражнений, способствуют развитию личности ребенка одновременно с изучением английского языка.

Преподаватели могут сделать учебный процесс более наглядным и ярким с использованием компонента Active Teach для интерактивной белой доски (Interactive White Board). В содержание программы включен учебник, банк аудио и видео материалов, специальный набор инструментов для работы с интерактивной доской, дополнительные упражнения, ресурсы для создания собственных учебных материалов и инструкция для использования программы.

Where the adventure begins!

My Little Island is a three-level pre-primary course that starts children on their journey of learning English! Children will be inspired to learn with engaging characters and fun activities.

The key featues of the course are:

  • Child-centered themes develop the cognitive, emotional, and social skills of the whole learner.
  • Links to daily life through useful vocabulary, language, values, and cross-curricular connections immerse students in English.
  • Guided communication, fun characters, and engaging stories motivate children to listen, speak, and start reading and writing English more than ever before.

Total Physical Response (TPR): The children learn to attach meaning to the new language through TPR activities. Associating gestures with the new words builds confidence and lets children move – which they like and need to do!

Rich Vocabulary Development: Each unit’s target vocabulary is presented in a scene, along with a thematic song accompanied by meaningful gestures and actions. The vocabulary lesson presents target vocabulary with real-life photographs that help reinforce the language.
Motivating Stories: Children look at and listen to a picture story, which presents one new language structure. This prepares them for reading stories with simple text later in the program.

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): My Little Island introduces children to new skills, such as simple math that is practiced through numbers and counting, and provides even more opportunities to practice new vocabulary, listening and speaking.

Digital Components:

  • CD-ROMs: The CD-ROM features course stories, as well as matching, sorting, concentration, and multiple-choice games and activities.
  • ActiveTeach: Student Book pages can be projected onto the big screen, using this interactive whiteboard program. Audio for songs, chants, directions, listening activities, videos, and Picture Cards is included.

Each students book is accompanied by a CD-Rom and workbooks have a songs and chants audio CD so that children can also sing and chant at home.

Visit My Little Island Companion website and find a variety of materials that have been designed especially for the course:
  • complete product information
  • component descriptions
  • sample unit
  • scope and sequences
  • letters home
  • theme song
  • videos
  • teaching tips
  • a tool to create your own Poster Map of My Little Island
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