Choices Russian edition

Choices Russian edition

Choices Russian edition

Choices Russian edition

Автор: Michael Harris, Anna Sikorzynska, М.В. Вербицкая

Уровень: British English 4 levelsCEF A1 - B2+

Учитель английского языка сегодня решает целый ряд поставленных перед ним задач. Это и обучение иностранному языку, и знакомство с культурой англоязычных стран, и развитие необходимых компетенций, и качественная подготовка к экзаменам, и задача развития учебной автономии учеников, а также задачи воспитания и повышения мотивации старшеклассников.

Сочетая современность учебного материала с его образовательной и культурологической составляющей, инструментами и разработками для использования информационных технологий в классе и вне его, а также специального материала для подготовки к EГЭ, новое учебное пособие Choices Russian Edition, выпускаемое с этого учебного года в издательстве Pearson, поможет учителю эффективно решить стоящие перед ним задачи.

Широко известные авторы Michael Harris и Anna Sikorzynska в соавторстве с М.В. Вербицкой создали новый четырехуровневый курс по английскому языку для российских старшеклассников 14 – 17 лет Choices Russian Edition , написанный в соответствии с уровнями Общеевропейской шкалы языковых компетенций (CЕF A1 – C1).

Choices Russian Edition это:

  • современные, соответствующие интересам сегодняшних старшеклассников темы;
  • разнообразие мирового и российского культурологического и литературного материала;
  • видеоматериалы BBC для развития языковых компетенций и повышения мотивации;
  • специальные разделы и рубрики для подготовки к ЕГЭ (“ЕГЭ SKILLS BUILDER”, “ЕГЭ LANGUAGE CHOICE” – в Student’s book , “ЕГЭ EXAM CHOICE” – в Work book )
  • возможность выбора инструментов и материалов для работы с использованием широкого спектра технологий (аудио CD, MULTI-ROM, IWB, LMS, Интернет ресурсы специально созданного сайта, MyEnglishLab – для работы в режиме онлайн);
  • Teacher's Book совмещена с материалами учебника.

What choice looks like in the classroom and why is it important?

Watch the winner of Choices contest, Marina Kovalkova from the Smolensk State Medical Academy, sharing her thoughts.


It’s all about choice…making informed choices

Choices is a new course for secondary students written by a highly respected authors of bestselling Opportunities and New Opportunities, Michael Harris and Anna Sikorzynska . It meets the challenge of motivating older teenagers who need to achieve academic and educational goals in a modern world. Combining contemporary, cultural and educational topics with a wide range of digital, online (MyEnglishLab) and print material, Choices gives teachers the power to adapt to their classrooms, while the authentic BBC and Channel 4 video clips keep interest levels high and boredom factors low!

  • 12 thematic modules for Pre-Intermediate and 10 thematic modules for Elementary and Upper Intermediate, each divided into sections:
    - Topic Talk (opening page) - networks that provide guided choice by marrying functional language with lexical items
    - Grammar Skills
    - Writing Workshop
    - Speaking Workshop

  • Text Builder in units for process writing

  • Grammar Practice - Grammatical structures compared and contrasted. Students trained in choosing forms that best express given meanings and intentions

  • Language Review/Self Assessment every second module. Revision exercises where students check their answers and use a feedback guide to choose what they need to practise more

  • Listening with two levels of difficulty (slow speed and authentic speed) catering for different levels of students. Also gives the option of listening to the more difficult version after students have listened to the easier level

  • Culture Choice - 6 x lessons at back of Students' Book every two units which include cultural input, literature, songs and projects

  • At the back of the Students' Book:
    - Skills Builder - while doing listening, reading, writing and communicative activities, learners are given support with strategies and language
    - Culture Choice (optional lessons which present reading texts, poems and songs with projects related to the students' own culture)
    - Language Choice booklet (further practice of vocabulary and grammar with a reference section for each language point that is presented)



BBC films - keep interest levels high and boredom factors low!

A unique feature of the course are films integrated with every unit of the course:

  • authentic BBC films, an also
  • Channel 4 video clips presenting functional language useful for everyday communication
Choices Pre-Intermediate DVD
- BBC film 'Triathlon'
Choices Pre-Intermediate DVD
- functional language clip 'Describing Pictures'


Get the online advantage

MyEnglishLab: Choices is an online component of Choices. Check progress of all your students at any time. Instantly see strengths and weaknesses, helping you manage your classes and saving you time. This online course leaves no student behind and you stay ahead of the game!

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Enriched Learning

Whether you need to extend the contact hours you have with your students, make homework a more meaningful exercise, or want deeper insight into the areas in which your students need more practice, MyEnglishLab: Choices is the solution.


Informed Teaching

When your students are using MyEnglishLab, you instantly have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools. The information that these tools provide ensures that valuable classroom time is spent on activities that meet the real needs of your students.

Flexible Solutions

As soon as you have created your MyEnglishLab course, students can register and practice where and when they want. Designed to meet the specific requirements of your teaching situation, in just a few clicks, you can choose the activities and tests for your students to complete. Tasks can be set to be completed by a certain date, or students can be allowed to practise at their own pace.

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