Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids

Автор: Olivia Johnston, Nick Beare

Уровень: British English 3 levelsCEF A1 - A2+

Новый трехуровневый курс для учеников 9-13 лет обеспечивает сбалансированное развитие всех коммуникативных навыков, позволяет эффективно обучить грамматике и лексике в игровой форме. Курс снабжен современными цифровыми компонентами, привлекательными для детей данного возраста.

Анимационные персонажи и их истории, интерактивные игры, песни, проектные задания и материалы для сценических постановок сделают процесс обучения увлекательным для школьников и результативным для учителей.

Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids is a fun, three-level course  which gives students real, integrated skills practice, with extra emphasis on vocabulary and writing.

Get students engrossed in the amusing 'Find' game and they will never complain about doing another Review unit again! And if you need even more support just go to the back of the book and find a wealth of material including plays, projects, songs, pronunciation, wordlists and a fantastic Grammar file.

The series is fully supported with state-of-the-art digital components that learners at this age love to engage with.

ActiveTeach for Teachers (Interactive Whiteboard Software)

Cosmic Kids ActiveTeach software saves your time and improves classroom management:

  • Fully integrated version of all Students’ Book and Workbook activities
  • Animated cartoon stories engage students in the adventures of Cosmic Kids
  • Show-answers for all exercises included in the Students’ book and the Workbook
  • Complete audio for Students’ Book with show Audio script option
  • Flexible zoom-ins
  • Ability to add notes and resources
  • Extra Editable Tests
  • Extra competitive interactive games for students to play in class

ActiveBook for Students

What more do your students get with their Students’ book?

The complete Students’ book in digital format! It is called ActiveBook and lets students continue learning even through their PC at home.

This is what they will find in their Cosmic Kids ActiveBook

  • All exercises in interactive format
  • Fantastic animated cartoon stories of the adventures of Cosmic Kids
  • Audio for all the reading texts
  • Extra practice through fun interactive games