Market Leader Specialist Titles

Market Leader Specialist Titles

Market Leader Specialist Titles

Market Leader Specialist Titles

Adrian Pilbeam, Sara Helm, Rebecca Utteridge and Sara Helm, Robin Widdowson, Adrian Pilbeam and Nina O’Driscoll, Nina O’Driscoll

CEF B1 - C1

Серия книг по различным отраслям бизнеса, позволяющая дополнить материалы одного из самых успешных учебных пособий по английскому языку делового общения new market Leader. Книги этой серии не только позволят углубить знания в различных областях бизнеса, но и подготовиться к успешной сдаче экзаменов ICFE и ILEC.

Пособия могут использоваться как дополнения к курсу New Market Leader, так и самостоятельно.

Market Leader Specialist Titles

The Market Leader specialist series extends the scope of the Market Leader series and allows teachers to focus on the reading skills and vocabulary development required for specific areas of business. They can be used alongside the Market Leader Course Book, as a standalone course or with any other business English course.

Each title includes:

  • authentic texts from the Financial Times and other sources
  • a glossary of specialised language
  • two 'Check Tests' designed to help assess progress

Thee following titles are available in the series:

  • Business Law - helps students prepare for the ILEC exam
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance - helps students prepare for the ICFE exam
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics Management
  • Working Across Cultures

The Market Leader grammar books provide your students with all the business grammar practice they need to support them in their studies, They can be used with any business English course.

  • Essential Business Grammar and Usage
  • Business Grammar and Usage


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