Focus on Grammar

Focus on Grammar

Focus on Grammar

Focus on Grammar

Irene E. Schoenberg, Jay Maurer, Majorie Fuchs, Margaret Bonner, Miriam Westheimer

American English • 5 levels • CEF A1 - C1

This contextualized and integrated 4 skills approach supports accuracy in grammar and fluency.

Focus on Grammar uses a unique, 4-step system of grammar instruction that takes students from context to communication. The series’ integrated approach blends content, reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a complete program - preparing students to use and understand English more accurately and fluently.

Grammar in Context highlights the target structures in realistic contexts, such as conversations, magazine articles, and blog posts.

Grammar Presentation presents the structures in clear and accessible grammar charts and notes with multiple examples of form and usage.

Focused Practice of both form and meaning of the new structures is provided in numerous and varied controlled exercises.

Communication Practice includes listening and pronunciation and allows students to use the new structures freely and creatively in motivating, open-ended listening, speaking, and writing activities.

What’s new in the 4th edition?

The Student Books

  • Updated high-interest readings
  • Redesigned Grammar Charts and Grammar Notes
  • Added vocabulary activities
  • Expanded listening tasks
  • Explicit pronunciation activities
  • New speaking and writing activities
  • Unit Reviews

Teacher’s Resource Pack

The Teacher’s Resource Pack provides teachers with one compact resource for all their teacher support needs. It includes:

  • General teaching and assessment notes
  • Unit-by-unit teaching notes
  • Audio scripts and
  • The Student Book Answer Key.

Bound into the book is a Teacher’s Resource Disk with printable Assessments including:

  • A Placement Test
  • Customizable test-generating program
  • Classroom-friendly PowerPoint® Presentations and
  • Photocopiable Internet Activities.

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